How to use plantain for bee stings, insect bites and even more serious conditions.

My video on using fig poultices to get rid of breast lumps

A Typical Acupuncture Treatment (above)

The Department of Defense uses acupuncture on soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan

My video on making an herbal honey with mountain mint, but you can substitute most leafy herbs.

And a CBS piece on acupuncture (below)

And if you want to see a reason why you should consider natural treatments, go to this link (and note that the sources of the statistics and quotes are from reputable conventional sources!)

And check out Part 2 on the YouTube sidebar

Fox just put up a good piece on acupuncture and pain at

Although I keep a substantial raw herb and tincture pharmacy, I often send patients to have perscriptions filled at Chinatown’s Kamwo pharmacy. This video from Asia’s New Tang Dynasty TV shows how Chinese herbs help headaches and is filmed at Kamwo. I custom design formulas for you using these herbs and others for different patterns of headaches:

Chinese herbs for headaches

And here is a great Bill Maher rant against medicine instead of lifestyle prevention:


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