Fig Poultices for Breast Health

fig-greenThis is fresh fig season, and it is a good idea to spend a week, and a baker’s dozen of figs to protect your breasts from lumps.  Poulticing the breasts with fresh figs can make a dramatic difference in your ability to see problems that might need attention, without the distraction of fibrocystic breast conditions.

Figs are rich in pharmacologically active latex and can draw out toxins and stimulate the lymphatic system.  They are cited in the Biblical book of Isaiah where Hezekiah was covered with boils and was cured by poulticing with figs.  I have seen a hot red lump the size of an egg disappear within two weeks of poulticing, and the doctor was unable to find it for biopsy even with an x-ray.  I suggest doing it preventatively for a week each year.

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8 thoughts on “Fig Poultices for Breast Health”

  1. Hi Karen:
    Great video! Thanks.
    You have them on your nipples. Is that where to apply them regardless where the lumps are?

    1. Eating figs has different properties than poulticing with them. They are delicious and good for overall health, although too many can be a problem for people with insulin resistance or diabetes. And too many fresh ones will irritate your mouth because of the latex. I know of no evidence that eating figs will specifically affect your breasts. But you cannot eat the same figs that you use for poulticing because they draw out, therefore contain toxins,

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