Karen treating Hurricaine Katrina victims at the New Homes Ministry outside of New Orleans

“The key to her practice is she LISTENS to her patients concerns, complaints, and works to resolve what causes them.   Her ability to describe health issues in simple terms understood by anyone is astounding and you never once feel treated in the ‘boilerplate” manner of Western doctors, but seen as an individual with whatever ailments.  She manages to successfully achieve a mind/body connection.  She is dedicated, talented, knowledgeable, pleasant and clear in what approach she needs to take to treat.  I leave refreshed and lighter in spirit.   It’s almost thera-cupuncture, my own word for therapy and acupuncture applied simultaneously.  I don’t think I can give higher compliment – this is as good as it gets.” 


Karen Vaughan is amazing.  She knows so much about health and healing and she continues to learn constantly (and to share what she knows with the world on her website and elsewhere: http://www.acupuncturebr…).  It’s this quality in particular that’ led me to recommended numerous clients from my bodywork practice to her over the years: because I know that if she encounters something in a client she doesn’t quite get – with a particularly challenging condition – she’ll do the extra work to find out what she needs to know to provide the best possible care.”

-S.G.  LMT

“I cannot thank you enough!!! Please know that I have shared this with as many women as I can and I will continue to share with anyone who will listen. You have changed my life, thank you.”

A.W. with resolved breast lumps.

“You’ve been a lifesaver. I couldn’t keep walking to work without your work on my knee. And your herbs took the shingles pain away.”

D. F., age 92.

“After my wife’s stroke her tongue went sideways and she couldn’t speak. Karen’s first treatment straightened her tongue and afterwards lifted her mouth and eyes and stopped her drooling.  Now she talks. I wish we had come sooner.”

R.M. .

“You were the best acupuncturist I’ve ever come across. If there would be any way for me to convince you to stick needles in me again I would be very happy!”

S. H.

“After my treatment with you, I had the first night without pain in 11 years.”

-JT with chronic back pain

“Thanks so much for yesterdays’ tx. I have so much appreciation for the depth of knowledge, wisdom and passion you bring to your work!”

-S.G., massage therapist

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