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Oxygen Therapy Conclusion

St Pete hyperbaricI was fortunate enough to be provided access to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, thanks to the generosity of Robert Linde and his very helpful staff. Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies of St. Petersburg has an extraordinary array of services from TCM and CCM acupuncture, herbal medicine, NAET, hyperbaric oxygen, massage, classes in qigong, herbal medicine and an acupuncture externship. They even have a functional medicine doctor with a nutritional IV lounge and access to tests we can’t get in the medically backward state of New York. The whole experience has been significantly helpful and if you need services in St. Pete I highly recommend their services.

Of the three hyperbaric chambers I have used, I like this one the┬ábest. Unlike the first soft chamber it was white so I could see to read and it was tall enough to sit crosslegged. Unlike the clear 100% oxygen chamber I could sit up, move around and bring in electronics like my iPad for music or internet and my cell phone, They also gave me a walkie talkie so I could radio for help (like cooling the air if it got too hot) or to get out. The mask would get hot but I hit upon removing the tube and sticking it directly in my mouth to get the oxygen. That combined with frequent checks by the helpful staff and my coconut water (with that anxiety-quelling vanilla bean) during the depressurization stopped the anxiety. And the ear seeds Bob applied didn’t hurt!

Even if the 100% oxygen clear chambers might appear to be stronger, the discomfort reduces respiration, and that minimizes how much oxygen gets into the blood.

I am told that pressure beyond 2 atmospheres as in the clear chambers doesn’t greatly add to effectiveness. There might be an advantage to using the 100% oxygen in the entire chamber for nonhealing sores, but even those respond to breathing it in through the mask, So of all the hyperbaric chambers I used, I liked this best and felt better with the treatments,St Pete hyperbaric Karen


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