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Six Month Update on the Stem Cells

Diseases and conditions where stem cell treatm...
Diseases and conditions where stem cell treatment is promising or emerging. Bone marrow transplantation is, as of 2009, the only established use of stem cells.                                                 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As many of you know I had a stem cell implant in January at StemGenex in La Jolla California.  I had been somewhat discouraged by the effect on my Parkinson’s disease but two different people in the past week have spontaneously remarked that my tremors have reduced. The tremors have spread to the other side, but are less intense.  So it may well be that I am not the best judge- I only pay attention when the tremors are active.

I want to say right off that even if I’d had no effects whatsoever from the stem cell implant that valuable information would be derived from the study.  We need to learn who responds and who does not.  There are considerations of the effects on insulin resistance and gut bacteria, as well as vagus nerve stimulation that affect the success of stem cell implants. We need more experimentation on how and where to administer the cells and what activities will impact their proliferation.  (Too bad for nonresponding participants who pay out of pocket but good for science.)

It is true that I haven’t had the dramatic changes that I expected. And I might have done better with stem cells taken from the cord blood of a newborn rather than my own adipose (fat) cells. When you are fat, the fat cells can be hypoxic and less vital. One doctor I spoke with in Mexico said he prefers cord blood because the stem cells are more active, even if there are considerably fewer of them.  If you are heavy and are considering stem cell implants you might consider using cord blood.  Cord blood is not available in the US, but there are reputable firms outside of the country.

Do I think losing weight prior to a stem cell implant might have helped?  Only with a few years lead time and lots of detoxification.  The problem is that fat stores toxins to protect the body from the harm they can cause.  I have tested high for lead, strontium, DDE and other endocrine-disrupting compounds. Weight loss can dump toxins into the blood stream and tissues as fat cells are broken down or deflated, which is why I have gotten sick every single time I lost weight, even slowly.  I did a course of herbal detox  and DMPS, EDTA, and Olestra (1) chelation prior to the stem cell implant to reduce toxins but stopped a month before the implant to let my body normalize.  Chelation cannot be done after the implant until the cells have finished multiplying.

A friend tells me that our neighbor is still experiencing improvements 2 years after his stem cell implant – and it took a while to build up.  He saw the greatest improvement after he started getting deep massage and using a vibration platform late in the first year. So there is still hope. It has been only 6 months. One woman with MS who was going through the implant with me for the third time said that the first time there was no change until 6 months and suddenly she was able to raise her legs two feet instead of two inches.  Pazienza, Karen!

Confidence Fitness Vibration Platform. http://amzn.to/1Ge8Ifw
Confidence Fitness Vibration Platform. At http://amzn.to/1Ge8Ifw

I was advised by a colleague with Parkinson’s to get a vibration platform to increase the stem cell activation and to reduce Parkinson’s symptoms. I used one last week while visiting my parents and it definitely activates qi and blood, affecting not only circulation but eliciting a strong stretch-reflex contraction in muscle fibers.  It is a very efficient anaerobic form of resistance training and they claim that 10 minutes of platform exercise is like 60 minutes of regular exercise.  Vibration platforms for the home run between $200- $6000.  While the pure platforms without handholds look like they give a stronger vibration and certainly fit better in a NYC apartment, the design looks risky for someone with Parkinson’s.  The $250 Confidence Fitness machine has over 700 five star reviews on Amazon.  I am saving up for it now.

Handhold- less dual motor vibration plate (what do you do with the remote while shaking?
Handhold- less dual motor vibration plate (what do you do with the remote while shaking?)
  1. Ronald J. Jandacek, James E. Heubi, Donna D. Buckley, Jane C. Khoury, Wayman E. Turner, Andreas Sjödin, James R. Olson, Christie Shelton, Kim Helms, Tina D. Bailey, Shirley Carter, Patrick Tso, Marian Pavuk.Reduction of the body burden of PCBs and DDE by dietary intervention in a randomized trial. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 2014; 25 (4): 483 DOI: 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2014.01.002


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Stem Cell Update

I couldn't have walked out here before
I couldn’t have walked out here before the stem cell implant (and I live for nature.)

Trying to assess changes in an intermittent disease is not easy and just this experience has given me a great appreciation for the difficulty in developing measuring yardsticks that researchers face. For instance Parkinson’s tremors are intermittent, happening mostly when I am resting, stressed or overtired. I rarely have them while needling but they come on while riding the subway or just as I drop off to sleep. I suppose that one could invent a wrist monitor that would measure tremors per day and perhaps group them, but I have to rely on memory to fill out the Parkinson’s questionnaire, and that is not exactly reliable. Still people around me tell me that tremors are reduced. Stamina is up too- also hard for me to quantify but I wasn’t walking up to the park before or along boardwalks as I did in St. Petersburg between hyperbaric treatments.

Now some people show evidence of change right away- like the Canadian hockey coach I wrote about- and others may see nothing for 6 months. I seem to be mostly in the delayed category. It has after all been only 2 1/2 months, but this is an interim report.

I had been haunted by the size of the syringe of unused stem cells that was leftover and extracted from the IV when my small veins had given out.  After consulting with StemGenex they pointed out that of the 600 billion stem cells extracted, 99% had been used.  Those in the IV were diluted with platelet rich plasma, unlike those directly injected. It looked like more than 1% though.  I still wish they had found a second IV site, but at least I got most of the cells and more than average.

I saw some immediate improvement in my foot but it didn’t stand up to reinjury from the deformity. The tremors are down and my stamina is up, both of which are significant. I don’t type as many extra symbols when I use my laptop and that makes writing easier. And my win rate for solitaire which is a proxy for both brain function and manual dexterity is up by 1%. I will have bloodwork and eye test results later.

Anyway, I thank all of you who helped me with the stem cell implant and after care. I’ll keep you up to date as the cells proliferate and things develop.

And if you would be so kind as to continue with support:  Help a Healer


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