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Herbal Blog Party: Herbs to Beat the Heat

Image of Kristine Brown from Facebook
Image of Kristine Brown

The June blog party is hosted by Kristine Brown of Luna Herb Company on the topic of herbs to beat the Summer heat.   Those of you who are familiar with Chinese medicine know that there are two categories of herbs, “Herbs for Summerheat” and “Herbs for Summerheat Damp,”  the latter of which is a problem on the US Continue reading Herbal Blog Party: Herbs to Beat the Heat

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April Herbal Blog Party

Cory at  Aquarian Baths is hosting the Spring Herbs blog posts this month.  Here is her post:
Spring is such a wonderful time of year for the herbalist and gardener. I am pleased to present an amazing collection of Spring Herbs blog posts this month. Make yourself a cup of herbal tea and settle in a while to read what others are doing with herbs this time of year. What are you doing with herbs? We would love to know, so leave us some comments. For more information on ongoing blog parties visit the Herbwifery Forum. Continue reading April Herbal Blog Party
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January Herbal Blog Party: Warming Herbs

Yael Grauer has hosted the January Herbal Blog Party on warming herbs this month here.

January’s herbal blog party is on warming herbs. Several herbalists helped participate to share what helps get them and their loved ones through the winter.

April Horton wrote not one, but two wonderful posts on warming herbs! 10 Herbs & Spices for the (Winter Time) Herbal Medicine Chest and  Winter Bliss Warming Energetic Massage Oil

Rosalee de la Foret of HerbMentor.com fame wrote a beautiful piece, Finding the Spice of Life: Cinnamon.

Though not specifically a blog post, Herbal Roots Zine has a great (and affordable) issue out on ginger, an awesome warming herb.

In Yael Grauer’s post, Finding Warmth in the Heart of Winter, she wrote about warming cooking spices in the desert winter, cooking with asafoteida and drinking mulled wine in Oxford.

Beth Gehring shared an amazing assortment of herbs, vitamins, vinegars, oils and foods in Green Living 101: Creating Vitality and Enhanced Immunity through Diet, not Drugs!

Susan Hess from the Farm at Coventry focused on mustard in her fascinating piece, Pass the Mustard, Please!

Sarah Head brings us back to Medieval days in her piece about Grains of Paradise, Something Old, Something New.

I wrote a post on the theory of warming herbs as seen in Chinese medicine at Herbs to Warm You Up.

Last but not least, Sean Donahue outlines 4 gently warming herbs in his piece, Stirring the Sluggish Body and Spirit.

A special thanks to all participants and readers, and to Herbwifery.com, where the herbal blog parties were born!

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November Herbal Blog Party on Morning Wake Up Beverages

coffee-cup-cupperTansy hosted November’s herbal blog party.   The subject was morning beverages…be it coffee, mate, or some herbal concoction.  Herbalists  share our  morning beverage rituals.   Here is the blogroll:

Karen Vaughan writes about the benefits of coffee and talks about mixing it with herbs

Lisl writes all about chai and includes a recipe for her favorite blend

Susan Lubbers writes about waking up with a holy cuppa…holy basil!

Chai massalaDarcey Blue French shares her chocamatamatelatte recipe

Kiva Rose writes of the wild woodlands morning brew, with a combination of herbs that you might never have thought of trying

Need a little caffeine in your morning ritual? Try Rosalee de la Foret’s suggestions for black tea

Tansy’s idea of a great caffeine free morning beverage: roasted root chai

Aquarian Bath’s secret to a great cup of earl grey tea

Stephany shares some great recipes for all sorts of moods!

Aartiana writes about her favorite morning infusions

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