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Non Pharmaceutical Ways to Deal With Pain

Pain can be caused by physical or emotional blockages to the free flow of blood and energy. Gate theory says that a little pain can block out larger amounts of pain.

July 26th 2006 – Copyright by Karen S. Vaughan.

There are different nonpharmaceutical ways to deal with the pain.

According to gate theory, a little pain drives out a larger pain, up to a certain threshold. So for instance I might drive my index fingernail into my thumb when pain starts to get too bad. Continue reading Non Pharmaceutical Ways to Deal With Pain

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Should I See An MD for Acupuncture?

In most states a medical doctor can practice what is called “Medical acupuncture-modelAcupuncture” with a couple of hundred hours in a video course.  And in others, Chiropractors and sometimes Podiatrists can practice with a 300 hour course.  Compare this to the at least 1250 hour training with clinical practice and continuing education of a real Licensed Acupuncturist.  Most real acupuncturists study considerably more:  my Masters in Oriental Medicine took 4500 hours postgraduate and I have continuing education requirements that an MD or Chiropractor who needles does not.  In some states a MD can practice “acupuncture” with no educational requirement!

The real genius of Oriental Medicine is in its diagnosis, Continue reading Should I See An MD for Acupuncture?

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