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Erectile Dysfunction and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Erectile dysfunction can be discouraging for men at any stage of life.  Side effects  like Viagra headaches, interactions between ED drugs and statins or anti-arthritic drugs, and the potential blindness for those who suffer from macular degeneration or diabetes may mean that alternative strategies should be considered.

An article in the Shandong Journal of Chinese Medicine,  titled, “A Clinical Audit of 58 Patients with Erectile Dysfunction Treated with the Methods of Fortifying the Spleen & Supplementing the Kidneys,” showed that Chinese herbal medicine can be quite effective at improving erectile dysfunction from a variety of causes.worried_man28

Fifty-eight men from their 20s to 70s with ED lasting from 1 to over 5 years were given herbal formulas made of codonopsis, astragalus, dioscorea,  rhemannia, attractylodes, poria, eucommia, morinda, epimedium, goji fruit, praying mantis egg cases, scolopenda, actinolitum, cyperus tuber and cistanches.  Dianthus, patrinus and another dioscorea were added for those who also had prostatitis, for a 20 day course of treatment.  When evaluated, 46 out of 58 patients were judged cured, 10 improved, and two got no effect, for a total effectiveness rate of 96.5%.

According to Dr. Wang, ED is primarily due to weakness in the functions of the Kidney and Spleen meridians, which are not identical to the functions of the organs in western medicine.  Kidney meridian function is a major player in sexual activity, and can be inherently weak or exhausted by excessive use.  Stress can cause Spleen qi deficiency.  Further Spleen qi depends upon the warming of Kidney yang, and if the Kidney function is weak, it will fail to nourish the penis with qi and blood.  So the herbs were chosen to reinforce those functions of Chinese medicine, with the result that  most men responded favorably.

Issue #7, 2004 of the Shandong Journal of Chinese Medicine pp 415-416, Wang Wei-ping, “A Clinical Audit of 58 Patients with Erectile Dysfunction Treated with the Methods of Fortifying the Spleen & Supplementing the Kidneys.” Translated by Bob Flaws.  http://www.goldenneedleonline.com/blog/?p=33

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Male Pelvic Floor Exercises for Sexual Health

March 25th 2006 – Copyright by Karen Vaughan, L.Ac., MSTOM,  RH (AHG)

I was at a workshop on mens’ diseases recently, and we were discussing ways to keep morning erections and to prevent erectile dysfunction later on.

Men have a lot of assaults on their fertility, hence sexual health in this day and age. Plastics and pesticides put xeno-estrogens into their systems and into the water table. Meats, traditionally good for testosterone, are often from estrogen-treated animals unless organic. Soy, a common meat substitute has high phyto-estrogens levels. Zinc and magnesium, necessary to male health, are missing from the soils. Phythalates from plastic attack androgens (male hormones). Increases in diabetes, coronary artery disease and CVD, along with smoking hurt the arteries filling the penis. Laptops are often used on laps where they heat the scrotum. As a result of stresses to the male system, sperm counts are way down- 3% anually in Europe and 1.5% anually in the US. A recent study showing a 29% decline since the 80s had to be withdrawn because the men were from New York where sperm counts are _higher_ than in most of the rest of the country. So the problem may be worse.

So in addition to avoiding all of the above stressors, studies have shown that pelvic floor exercises can be very useful. You can locate the pelvic floor muscles around your urethra by trying to stop the urine stream while peeing. (Once you find them it is not a good idea to do regularly while urinating.) You can tighten the muscles around your anus by drawing up for 10 seconds. When done properly, the scrotum and base of the phallus should slightly elevate.

To deal with ED, morning erections, or incontinence, do the exercises for 10 seconds each, with 10 seconds in between, 10 times each of three positions: while sitting, standing and lying down. Do three times a day. (Okay if you skip the lying down one at work, do the other two 15 times.) You can also do shorter ones anytime.

Dr. Grace Dorey of Surrey England, a major proponent of pelvic floor exercises undertook a survey of 55 men with an average age of 59 who had experienced erectile dysfunction for six months or more. With the exercises:

40 per cent regained normal erectile function.
35.5 per cent improved
25.5 per cent showed no difference.

The improvement resulting from pelvic floor exercises compared to the use of Viagra had identical results.

Pelvic floor exercises should be combined with squats because strong glutes help the pelvic floor muscles lengthen.  You need good muscle tone when the muscles are both contracted and when lengthened.

All men should do some form of pelvic floor exercises to maintain health and we should teach our sons to do it too. -We teach them all kinds of other exercises and these will be a major factor in their well-being for life. Feel free to forward this onto your sons if you would rather not talk about it with them.

There is a good article with illustrations at:

And there is a good video illustrating male pelvic floor exercises:

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Dr. Grace Dorsey, Peter Deadman, http://www.bbc.co.uk/relationships/sex_and_sexual_health/exercise_pelvicm.shtml http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/features/pelvicexercises_003841.htm
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