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Relief Acupuncture Trip to New Orleans after Katrina

  • On December 13, 2 2006 I went to New Orleans to do acupuncture under the sponsorship of CRREW. CRREW has been in New Orleans since last year doing volunteer acupuncture under the Louisiana temporary acupuncture license (which allows only NADA ear points.)

    Karen Giving Acupuncture for the New Hope Ministries Health Fair in Algiers

Wednesday, Dec 13, 2006

I arrived in New Orleans at twilight, with little view of the destruction from Katrina.  Huynh Quang, a Vietnamese-born acupuncturist picked me up at the airport. Occasionally he pointed out water marks, on the railroad tracks over the highway, by the water pumping plant that I had seen in Spike Lee’s film When the Levees Broke, and in formerly occupied shopping centers that had been completely inundated and were now vacant.
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