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Dealing with Constipation


Constipation refers to bowel movements that either occur less often than expected or with a stool that is hard, dry and difficult to pass.  (Types 1-3 on the Bristol Stool Chart, below.)  A healthy adult should pass one to two stools a day, although some otherwise healthy adults pass a stool every other day.  There are a number of reasons one might not pass feces, including diet, fluid intake, medications, stress, anal pain from hemorrhoids  or fissures, lack of probiotic gut bacteria, laxative abuse, specific diseases, such as stroke, diabetes, thyroid disease and Parkinson’s, change in circardian rhythm (due to irregular sleeping while traveling) and a poor posture while eliminating Continue reading Dealing with Constipation

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Rocking Chairs Help Post Surgical Constipation

Signaature rocking chair by Gary Weeks at www.GaryWeeks.com

I recently wrote a post in praise of physical medicine.  Here is a physical home remedy that can make a major difference in recovering from surgery.

After all kinds of abdominal surgery, cesarean sections, or prostate surgery. constipation can be a painful and debilitating side effect, resulting in vomiting, nausea, abdominal bloating, lack of appetite and general discomfort.  It can last for a week or more, although it should resolve in a few days. Many patients consider it more troublesome Continue reading Rocking Chairs Help Post Surgical Constipation

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