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Two Year Low Cal/Low Carb Diet Study Misleading

A two year, $4 million  studyof 307 people, purporting to compare low carb to low fat diets has been completed, apparently showing similar weight loss after two years, but improved blood lipids for people who followed the low carbohydrate diet. They tell us study results show it doesn’t matter which way we diet.   But the study has several problems:

  • The low carb diet went for 12 weeks, after which people were encouraged to add 5 grams of carbohydrates daily for a week, increasing carbohydrates until their weight stabilized.
  • The low calorie diet went on for 2 years.  So a short term diet was compared to a long term diet. Continue reading Two Year Low Cal/Low Carb Diet Study Misleading
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What to make of Scientific Studies?

This week I opened up Science Daily and found an article that said there is no evidence to support the use of B-vitamins for reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke or death associated with cardiovascular disease.  Seems pretty straightforward doesn’t it?  But there was also an article the same day that I got saying that B-vitamins were effective in reducing cardiovascular disease in celiac patients, using Continue reading What to make of Scientific Studies?

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