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EMR Protection

I have been concerned about electromagnetic radiation for some time, long before the cell towers and cordless phones invaded our lives. I live in an old house with unshielded wiring. I have been using MRET technology and tubular cell phone headsets to shield my family and clients.

Read about it on Karen"s EMR Protection Page.

Focus and Dreamwave Entrainment CDs and MP3s

I love these programs which let you use your dreams consciously, develop your insight and improve your focus, all with tones that entrain you and no words.

Dreamwalk Program CD

Insight Program With Gentle Rain MP3

Insight Program With Ocean Sounds MP3

Focus Program With Rain

MP3Writer's Mind CD

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Pregnancy and Fertility

I have a general practice that specializes in fertility issues.  Chinese medicine has worked on women’s health and fertility for millennia and will help normalize a menstrual cycle that Western medicine doesn’t recognize as needing help.  Acupuncture and herbs can profoundly relax you, rebalance your hormones, bring back ovulation and help adjust your estrogen and progesterone (yin and yang) balance.

Acupuncture and herbs not only help you get pregnant, but can enhance IVF or other fertility treatments.  Needles help direct blood and qi to the pelvis, flooding the area with circulation, hormonal precursors and hormones.  Herbs can help the body produce estrogens, progesterone and other reproductive hormones not by adding them, but by engaging the body’s own capacity to produce them.  We will discuss diet, lifestyle and issues that affect your ability to have a healthy pregnancy.

If natural treatment fails, IVF rates tend to double when done with a prior course of acupuncture.   Cridenna, and   Magrelli examined data collected over four years to determine the effect on the outcomes of patients who combined IVF with  acupuncture.   A pre- embryo transfer  acupuncture treatment occurred 12-24 hours before embryo transfer. After the treatment, press tacks were placed in the same pattern and the patient was instructed to stimulate them during the transfer. The second treatment was an hour post- ET. New press tacks were placed, then removed in three days. After 4 years  with 216 patients, there was 61.1% pregnancy rate in the acupuncture group vs. 37.4% in the non-acupuncture group. Also, there were significantly fewer ectopic pregnancies. They suggest that the ideal number of treatments prior to embryo transfer is nine.

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