How to Use A Castor Oil Pack

You will need a plastic bag, an old washcloth or wool pad, castor oil or a prepared castor oil pack.  In addition you need a source of heat (hot towels, a hot water bottle or a heating pad.)  It helps to have saran wrap to protect your sheets, towels and clothing- castor oil does not easily wash out.  (Dove or Joy dishwashing liquid seem to be the best for oil spots.)  Use blankets or towels to cover.

1.      Lightly massage the affected area with castor oil or lay down the saturated pad.

2.      Cover with saran wrap.

3.      Add a source of heat.

4.      Cover with towels.

5.      Remember that the heat may penetrate more as you are using this, so have a way of regulating the heat.  Using several smaller towels will allow you to regulate heat.  A hot water bottle will lose heat over time.

6.      Keep on the affected area for fifteen minutes to an hour.

7.      Clean the area so it doesn’t stain.

8.      Store the pad in the plastic bag as it will cause oil stains.

9.      You can reuse the pad several times before washing, and can add castor oil to replenish it.

Castor oil packs are used to enhance circulation and to promote the healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin. It is also used to induce labor, to move the bowel in constipation, to improve liver function, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and to improve digestion.

Edgar Cayce recommended castor oil (which he called palma Cristi oil) packs for cholecystitis (inflammation of the gall bladder), poor elimination, epilepsy, various liver conditions such as cirrhosis and torpid liver, scleroderma, headaches, appendicitis, arthritis, poor coordination between eating and eliminations, colitis, intestinal disorders such as stricture and colon impaction,  poor coordination between nervous systems, neuritis, and toxemia

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