Do You Know the Risk Factors For Cancer?

Any woman can develop breast cancer, but not all women have the same degree of risk. Certain factors can put some women at a statistically greater risk. Talk to your doctor immediately if several of these factors apply to you.

*Previous history of breast cancer
* Family history of breast cancer. This is particularly pertinent if the woman’s mother or sisters had the disease but is a small percentage of breast cancers
* Early onset of menstrual periods
* Late menopause. Women who menstruate for more than 40 years seem to be at a particular risk of breast cancer
* Postmenopausal ageā€”most cancers occur after the age of 50
* Low-fat diet, especially with transfats and lack of Omega 3s
* Obesity
* High alcohol consumption (3 to 9 drinks per week)
* Prolonged estrogen and progesterone use
*Childlessness or late motherhood (after age 35)
* Radiation exposure (frequent high-dose x-ray exposure of the breasts)
* Atypical hyperplasia (abnormal tissue pattern) diagnosed on a breast biopsy
* Excessive wearing of tight bras which prevent detoxification of the lymphatic system in the breast area.

With one in eight women affected, we are all touched by this disease. Yet, when it comes to women and cancer, the medical establishment has fallen way short.

The truth is that there are natural, woman-friendly ways to reduce your cancer risk and you’re not being told about them.

Check the articles section of my website for suggestions on avoiding cancer.

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