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Which Came First, the Egg or Omega 3 Egg?

Many people think that eggs should not be eaten, based on the erroneous assumption that they might cause cholesterol.  Your body makes its cholesterol- even vegans get high cholesterol- and reducing carbohydrates that stimulate insulin will actually lower cholesterol better than not eating eggs.  This is why I suggest wild salmon and omega 3 eggs.  Read what Susan Allport has to say about the difference in nutrition between eggs from chickens who range freely and conventional eggs:

Of Chickens, Eggs, and Omega-3s

Eggs were once a much more healthful food. And they can be again.
by Susan Allport originally published Monday, December 17, 2007

Which came first: the egg or the omega-3 enriched egg?Chicken and egg

The omega-3 enriched egg, of course, since all eggs used to be full of omega-3s when the chickens that laid them foraged for a living, scratching and pecking in backyards and farms.

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