My offices are located in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Please call (718) 622-6755 to schedule a consultation.  I will not pick up if treating a patient but you can leave a message.  You can also email me at KSVaughan2 at  to schedule an appointment. (Sorry, can’t put an email link where the bots will pick it up.)

Click on Google Map Showing Directions to 253 Garfield Place, Park Slope for my main office.

Telephone consultations can be arranged, however there is a distinct advantage to physical diagnosis.


I practice in a warm environment where you can enjoy a relaxed treatment.

My office is located at 253 Garfield Place,between 7th and 8th Avenues, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  It is conveniently located close to the 2, 3, Q, B, F, G and R trains.




Hours can be booked in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  My herbal pharmacy is in Park Slope, which is best for herbal consultations.

If you have never had acupuncture I suggest you look at my article, “What to Expect on Your First Acupuncture Appointment.”



By appointment.  Generally Monday – Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 to 6:00, Thursday in Manhattan 9:30 to 3:00, by appointment. Sunday hours may be available, although I prefer to reserve them for people in pain. Treatments generally take 45 minutes.  The initial 1 1/2 hour consultation includes an acupuncture treatment. Extended consultations are available.

What to bring:

  • Come, after having eaten something in the last three hours.
  • Dress in layers to minimize undressing.  Most treatments will involve points on the legs up to the knee, feet and arms.  Torso points can be accessed by adjusting shirts and pants or skirts.  However I do have robes if I am doing a torso treatment.
  • Bring any lists of medications, supplements, vitamins and herbs.  You should update me if any of them change.
  • If you have recent bloodwork, please bring it.  I look at bloodwork differently than an MD does.  For chronic conditions I may ask you to have blood tests through your doctor or a testing service.
  • A diet diary for a few days would be useful.  Please try to give typical rather than ideal meals.
  • If you are seeing me for infertility, menstrual issues, hypothyroid, fatigue or menopause issues, a basal body temperature graph would be useful.  If you don’t have one or know how to start, we can discuss it at the first visit. (I have a basal body thermometer in my online store under “Healthy Devices“, in “Fertility Aids “) if you can’t find one near you.
  • If you have any radiology reports for orthopedic conditions or tumors, they would be useful.

Prices and Services:

  • Normal visit, acupuncture or herbal consult is $90.  Initial 1 1/2 hour consultation is $150 where we go over your medical history in depth, do necessary physical diagnostic testing and look at diet and supplements and includes a treatment.  A two hour initial consultation is $175.
  • Functional Blood Work Analysis from your bloodwork $100 recommended for autoimmune disease, chronic conditions and   persistent infertility.  List of necessary blood tests will be given so speak to me before getting tested.
  • Group Ear Treatment to Stop Smoking $350 for a group that meets up to six times in three weeks using the NADA drug detox protocal.
  • For a nine visit individual addiction treatment course there is a 12% discount on prepaid visits.
  • Hot stone acupoint massage $100
  • Acu-aromatherapy combining essential oils and acupuncture $100
  • Luxurious Raindrops treatment with back application of 7 essential oils to oxygenate the spine $150
  • Acupuncture Facelift series $1000 for 12 treatments within 7 weeks
  • Herbal only consultation, after initial consultation $ 90
  • Pediatric initial consult $150
  • Distance herbal and nutritional consult  $150, and email me  through the Contact Me page about details and forms.  Includes one 20 minute followup call

Formerly known as “Creation’s Garden Acupuncture and Herbs.”










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