Herbal Blog Party: Herbs to Beat the Heat

Image of Kristine Brown from Facebook
Image of Kristine Brown

The June blog party is hosted by Kristine Brown of Luna Herb Company on the topic of herbs to beat the Summer heat.   Those of you who are familiar with Chinese medicine know that there are two categories of herbs, “Herbs for Summerheat” and “Herbs for Summerheat Damp,”  the latter of which is a problem on the US East coast and southeast, as it is in southern and eastern China.  People in dry summer weather will find other strategies for beating the heat.

Kristine’s article “Beating the Heat of Summer” discusses the symptoms of heat exhaustion, making electrolyte solutions and preventing heat stroke.

Rosalee de la Foret wrote a lovely article on making chamomile popsicles

Kristena of Dreamseeds wrote a great article full of fun tips for keeping cool, including using essential oils and a reminder about drinking cold, alcoholic beverages this time of the year

I wrote about cooling summer herbal beverages and listed my top 10 favorite summertime drinks, below.

Cory Trusty of Aquarian Baths wrote about a nifty trick to help keep cool using flax seeds

Herban Chica wrote about her favorite summer tea

Sean Donohoe wrote about herbal first aid for heat exhaustion

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