Acupuncture For Veterans and Others With PTSD

Ears in NOLAFor vets and others in NYC, CRREW run a clinic by donation that treats PTSD with ear acupuncture. It is on the Lower East Side at the University Settlement House, 184 Eldridge Street (corner of Rivington and Eldridge streets) on Wednesdays at 5:40-7:00 in the conference room.  The F train Second Avenue stop is closest to University Settlement House.

Wendy Henry and I run the clinic.  We  have been working through CRREW (Community Relief and Rebuilding through Education and Wellness) since 9/11 using acupuncture and related techniques to help people suffering from PTSD.  We have worked on 9/11 rescue workers, Katrina survivors, residents of Lower Manhattan and veterans.  CRREW also has worked in Vietnam and Cambodia.  Other notable founders and volunteers include Laura Cooley, Marcella Robinson and Rachel Kaplan. All workers have trained at the Lincoln Hospital drug treatment facility in the NADA technique and are licensed acupuncturists.

Vets  who want something besides talk therapy are especially welcome. When events are overwhelming physical treatment can sometimes reach you when words are inadequate. One fireman who spent time being treated with us said that we opened him up to the point that he could discuss and deal with the horrors of digging through the pile at 9/11.

In 2008, 14 times as many US veterans died from a lack of health insurance than the US military death toll in Afghanistan the same year. Even with the VA, 1.5 million veterans lack access to health care. We all need to reach out to veterans in need.

CRREW has been running auricular acupuncture clinics and events since 9/11, working with residents and rescue workers.  We extend the invitation to vets who are finding the transition to civilian life to be difficult.

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