My Philosophy

ksvaughan2_4I believe that the manipulation of qi with needles, guasha, cups, essential oils and herbs can help reset the body’s own ability to heal.

My purpose is to heal people with plants and needles, to heal the breach between Mankind and Creation by strengthening our interdependence.

I stress nutrition over medicine, movement over being moved and the transfer of energy in grounded bodywork. I assist you in recovering your own balance through the modalities I practice.

I teach courses in herbal self care and holistic healing.

I seek to educate my patients to take healthcare into their own hands and to use their own abilities to heal.

I have successfully treated patients suffering with such conditions as sciatica, vulvodynia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, infertility, depression, back pain, asthma, respiratory illnesses, smoking, Morton’s neuroma, Lyme disease, acne, psoraisis, stroke, cancer, hiccoughing of several days standing, earaches, Lupus, fibromyalgia and many other conditions. Using their Chinese medicine diagnosis, in combination with diet, their western medicine if appropriate, herbs and various acupuncture techniques they have found significant relief.

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